Chiefs vs. Seahawks open thread


The Kansas City Chiefs are about to take the field for the first time at Arrowhead Stadium in the 2015 preseason. They’ll be hosting “loudest stadium” rival and defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks.

What’s up, Addicts? It’s been a while since I’ve posted on AA but Matt Verderame is currently traveling for business and I promised to step in and cover for him tonight. So ya’ll are stuck with me for at least the evening. Now let’s get to it.

We all know you can’t put too much stock in the preseason. Now that we’ve gotten that caveat out of the way, I think we can all admit that we’re looking to see a much better performance out of the first team Chiefs tonight. Last week in drubbing of the Arizona Cardinals, it was the second and third teams that really laid the smackdown.

Though the KC starters struggled last week, I don’t think it was a reason to panic. There are a few new pieces on the offensive side of the ball and it is going to take time for everyone to gel. I liked that KC went deep a few times and I look to see more of that tonight.

The second preseason game is an important one. It is possible we could see the starters for an entire quarter or even a half. Though most of the play-calling will likely be vanilla, we should see progress over last week.

I am also interested to see more action from returning studs Eric Berry and Derrick Johnson.

And as I say every year, I’d prefer it if Andy Reid kept Jamaal Charles on the sideline wrapped in bubble-wrap.

We’re almost ready for kickoff. What do you say, Addicts? Let’s get this thread kicked off old school style.

What are you looking for out of the Chiefs tonight?