Coffee with the Chiefs – Eric Fisher sustains injury


Good morning, Addicts! Hopefully everyone is beginning to settle into another week, one that will culminate on Friday night with the first action of the season at Arrowhead Stadium. The Kansas City Chiefs will be hosting the Seattle Seahawks, a team that the Chiefs beat last November on this same grass. In the meantime, we are keeping our eyes peeled for any news on a group of injured players, most notably Eric Fisher.

Here is the news you need to know:

Eric Fisher injures ankle, getting MRIAdam Teicher of ESPN

"Fisher was able to walk off the field after the injury without assistance, though he was favoring the injured ankle. After receiving attention in the Chiefs’ medical tent on the sideline, Fisher attempted to walk off the injury."

Duvernay-Tardif managing both football and schoolAdam Teicher of ESPN

"Duvernay-Tardif returned to McGill for classes at the end of the Chiefs’ season last year. His academic term was ongoing when the Chiefs began their offseason workouts, so he stayed in Canada while his teammates started their conditioning sessions in April."

Biggest takeaway from Saturday’s preseason winJoel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride

"Jeff Allen went down with an injury early on in the game so the Chiefs replaced him with Donald Stephenson. I know the Chiefs offensive line isn’t the strength of their team but if you can bring in Donald Stephenson as a backup tackle then you have some depth. (As I am writing this, I see Eric Fisher went down in camp. That would really, really test the depth.)"

Are Chiefs really gambling with the offensive line?Matt Conner of Arrowhead Pride

"In a recent post-game column after the Chiefs preseason win over the Cardinals on Saturday, I read the following comment, “Another year that Dorsey is taking a major gamble on OL and we saw how that worked out last year.” After getting up, pacing the room, shaking my head, practicing my yoga poses, drinking some green tea and more head-shaking, I finally had the clear mind set to finally respond. And then I read it again."