Eric Berry says he cried after workouts during treatment


On Wednesday afternoon, Eric Berry spoke to the media about his recovery from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma over the past seven months. The Kansas City Chiefs strong safety was cleared last night for coming back to practice, and told his amazing story to the masses.

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Berry opened up by thanking God with a wide smile on his face, flanked by his parents. He then gave an opening statement before fielding questions from the hoard of reporters.Berry also went out to speak about his teammates including Justin Houston, who visited Berry to simply sit with him.

Berry also thanked his nurses, and specifically pointed out Nurse Stephanie as the “real MVP.”

Here are some of the more powerful quotes about Berry’s fight, which has led him to this point.

"“It was to the point where I had to set goals of getting out of bed.”"

For those of us who have never gone through a terrible thing such as cancer, it is impossible to comprehend a struggle when it comes to getting out of bed. Berry then talked about the people sitting next to him at the press conference.

"“It was a tough process but I had a great support system. I had my mom and dad in the trenches with me, day in and day out.”"

If this next quote doesn’t make you grab for the tissues, nothing ever will.

"“I was training while doing chemo. During the time I would work out, I would end up crying after the workout because I couldn’t be believe I was working out, but I couldn’t believe how hard it was.”"

How did Chemo makes Berry feel throughout the process?

"“It literally feels like you are dying.”"

Then there was the consistent fear of passing away in his sleep.

"“I was at a loss for words, I was just so excited … there were many times where I didn’t know if I would wake up tomorrow. I would be scared to go to sleep, and then I was like forget it. If I don’t wake up, then I don’t wake up.”"

Here are some tweets from men in the room:

Welcome back, Eric.