Coffee with the Chiefs – Gearing up for training camp


Good morning, Addicts! We are in the home stretch of the offseason now, with the Kansas City Chiefs returning to work for the duration this week. It has been a long grind since we last saw the Chiefs, beating the San Diego Chargers in Week 17. It was a beautiful thing. With expectations high for this group, Saturday (the first full practice) can’t get here soon enough.

Mailbag, Part I: Is Alex Smith here to stay?Adam Teicher of

"This season will go a long way toward the Chiefs’ long-term picture at quarterback. If Alex Smith has a big season, I can see him being their quarterback for a lot of years. He’s only 31 so age won’t be an issue for him any time soon. But I could see the Chiefs getting restless about him if he doesn’t respond with a big season."

Mailbag, Part II: Should Kansas City sign anyone else?Adam Teicher of

"Maybe the best thing for the Chiefs to do with their remaining salary cap space (about $8.6 million on Friday afternoon, according to the NFL Players Association) is to save it, for now at least. Let’s see if they have any injuries during camp or the preseason. It makes more sense to spend that way than just burn through their money now. That sounds like what they would be doing if they signed guard Evan Mathis. I’m not certain he’s better than what they have now at guard."

Chiefs positional guide to training campNicole Feyh of

"It’s hard to believe, but Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Dontari Poe is entering just the fourth season of his career in 2015. That’s remarkable to think about because despite such a short time in the league, at this point, the Chiefs defense can be rightly be thought of synonymously with the middleman, who has been nothing but a constant during his first three years."