Kansas City Chiefs QBs and rookies report on Tuesday


I hope you have enjoyed the offseason, because it is over. On Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs will be reporting to training camp. While all the veterans will not be reporting until Friday evening, the quarterbacks, rookies and injured players are all slated to be at St. Joseph, Mo. a few days earlier.

There is not a more exciting time to be a football fan, and in particular one that roots for the Chiefs. Each team has a ton of hope entering camp, but deep down the reality sits in the pit of your stomach. For years, it was apparent that Kansas City was very likely to be an afterthought by Thanksgiving. This season has the feel of one that could be truly special, with a roster loaded on both sides of the ball.

The first team practice will be on Wednesday, with the rest of the team joining the quarterbacks and rookies on Saturday. Come Aug. 1 the practices will be open to the public, although the team reserves the right to move everything inside. Should that be the case – and they only do that for poor weather – fans are not permitted to watch due to lack of space.

Remember this when you are watching all the action unfold throughout both camp and the preseason games… the games don’t count and the practices are all about getting work in and remaining healthy. Everybody always goes crazy about the preseason, but in reality, the teams don’t care about the final score. Don’t be too pumped if the Chiefs go 4-0, and don’t be worried if they go 0-4.

All that said, I will be watching every game and yelling at them, because clearly the preseason has a massive bearing on what happens in the regular season. I need help. Seriously, send help.