Chiefs training camp 2015: Be Prepared!


Exciting times we are in, Addicts!

Exciting for fans and players alike.

But the players feel an additional emotion. Fear.

Fear mixed with the excitement that they were given a one in a million chance to make it in the NFL.

To make it or lose their dreams.

And so we come.

Conditions will most certainly be torturous. For the fans and for the players.

“If the players can take it so can I!” we say at the games and at camp.

And like the players we need to prepare.

There is not a lot of shade at training camp. And very little wind. Water is pretty hard to come by too unless you buy it.

Standing only in the spots with good views unless you drag a chair around. The bleachers are rock hard high school style. (Actually just like the bleachers at Lambeau).

But don’t worry gang. Your Arrowhead Adventurer will get you through.

Bring a hat.

You can get by with baseball style, but those who like to prepare will get more of a bucket or Indiana Jones style to keep the sun off your neck and the strength in your body.

As the hikers say “cotton kills”. Listen to them, they know their stuff.

Camp is about as humid as it can get. Cotton keeps the sweat close to your body. Wicking material keeps you dry. The evaporation process is cooling, which is why we sweat in the first place.

Help your body out.

I like a spotting scope with a little tripod, but binoculars are my buddies favorite.

I like to lay on the hill sniper style and catch the action unmolested.

If I can find a shady spot I may take a nap.

Photographers will want to get closer but I gave that up a long time ago when it comes to my beloved Chiefs.

I capture memories instead of pixels.

Give it a try.

I leave a little care package in my car and take a break around lunch time.

No rinse soap and deodorant makes me feel clean and fresh for the rest of the day.

I can change my smart phone battery if I need too. Ice cold cooler full of beverages, better than you buy at camp.

I re-up on the SPF 30, wash down the old sun shades, and get back at it.

One item I simply cannot do without is one of those camelback type water bladders. I don’t wear it on my back, I roll it up in my pocket before I go through the gate, then fill it up when I get inside.

You must hydrate at camp if you want to make it the full day. Might as well save some money.

Watch Arrowhead Addict for the updates you will need on camp, camp activities and schedules.

Our staffers will be reporting from camp , but we can also use your help so keep us updated as well.

See you there!