Five Spots Where The Kansas City Chiefs Need Players To Step Up

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The Kansas City Chiefs will kick off training camp in a little less than three weeks. If you are at all like me they will be the three longest weeks of the offseason. I have tried passing time following the Royals (who continue to impress) and I even followed the USA win the Women’s World Cup, but I am a football fan first and foremost and I’m going stir crazy at this point from the lack of football news. Unless you count a couple of NFL players blowing their fingers off with fireworks, there has been essentially no interesting NFL news for weeks. That means that we must continue to look forward to next season until we begin to get actual relevant reports of what the Chiefs are doing on the field during training camp.

I continue to believe that the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs could be one of the better teams in the AFC, but in order for that to happen they are going to have to have players step up at a few key positions. That process will begin when camp kicks off in a few weeks. This week I’ll give you the five spots that would benefit the Chiefs the most if players step up and become solid players. So consider this post a guide of which spots to keep the closest eye on when reports from camp begin to come out. To be clear, when I say players need to “step up” I mean that either a player that hasn’t been a starter needs to claim a starting spot or a player that has started (but not played well) needs to make clear improvements to solidify their spot.

So without further ado, here are the top five spots the Chiefs need players to step up in 2015.