Best of the AFC West: Running back edition

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#3 Latavius Murray

I still have no idea why the Raiders didn’t give this guy more carries last year and that is more than likely why he sits at No. 3 on my list. Murray has more upside and talent than Anderson provides and is a candidate to breakout in 2015. That said, there’s still some cloudiness to if Murray will be the starter in Oakland. In a recent article there was speculation that Trent Richardson could give a battle for the starting position as coaches have been impressed with him.

Last year Murray ran the ball 82 times for 424 yards and scored two touchdowns (both against KC). Pro Football Focus graded him at a negative 1.8 for the season. According to PFF, against Kansas City Murray was graded at a positive .2 at Oakland and a negative .5 in K.C.

Offensive Blocking Grade:

PFF graded Oakland at a -46.4, which was third worst in the division.

#4 Melvin Gordon

Can I just say this right from the top? I don’t think Gordon is truly the fourth-ranked running back, I think he’s going to be competing for the number one spot right away but I can’t rank a guy that’s never played a down in the league higher than someone who has. Although he doesn’t have any pro stats to reference it is worth noting this kid ran nearly 2,600 yards in 2014 for the Wisconsin Badgers. That said, this is one of the players I can’t wait to see play in 2015.

Offensive Blocking Grade:

PFF graded San Diego at a -51.2, which was the worst in the division.

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