Chiefs quarterbacks all entering a make-or-break year

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It is now or never for Bray to prove he has the mental capabilities to be a quarterback in the NFL. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Bray

At this point, Tyler Bray is the wild card of the bunch. In terms of physical ability, he is the prototypical pocket passer: a great arm and an ideal frame. But there are plenty of guys like that who never make it in the NFL. And it is usually because of the very thing that is concerning about Bray…the mental side.

Tyler Bray’s lack of maturity landed him as an undraftable talent. Nobody felt he was worth the investment of a draft pick. That is saying something. However, Andy Reid and John Dorsey must have seen something, because they took a chance on him. Not only did they take a chance, they kept him around last year when they really had no reason to. And so far, they’re doing it again this year as well.

Coming into this year, Bray is at a turning point. Like Murray, he needs to prove that he has more value than Chase Daniel. However, if he wants a long-term job, he needs to show he has more value than Murray as well. It is extremely unlikely that the Chiefs will keep both players moving forward. John Dorsey is far more likely to try and churn the bottom of the roster than he is to keep giving Bray chances. At some point, good GMs just let go and quit trying to force things.

Each of our current quarterbacks has something to prove in 2015, and the future of the Chiefs organization is riding on it happening. If none of our guys can truly step up and show they are the guy to lead the team, then John Dorsey will be faced with a major quarterback decision in 2016.  That is not something a general manager looks forward to in their fourth year.