Chiefs GM: The 13 Grooviest Moves of John Dorsey PART I

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10. The Righteous Dude… Moves

Claiming CB Marcus Cooper and DB Ron Parker… and… and…

Since coming to Kansas City, John Dorsey has made one sweet and magical move after another. Claiming Marcus Cooper and Ron Parker were just two of those magic moves. He also picked up Jaye Howard who played an important role last year when Mike DeVito went down. Last year “Dorse-the-Horse” plucked Jamell Fleming off of the Ravens practice squad. Taking the bottom end of the roster and creating one slow lava flow keeps Andy Reid and his coaches jumping from the hot new talent constantly being introduced. It’s a process that has created starters and added much needed back-ups for a roster starving in depth valley. Something from nothing sounds like sweet magic to me.

Grooviest Song Dedication: Do You Believe in Magic?

9. The Man’s Man’s… Move

Re-signing Allen Bailey

Defensive end Allen Bailey is a man’s man. Notice how Bailey seems to dwarf Justin Houston in the picture on the left (and if you’ve been to training camp you know Justin Houston is a big man). When John Dorsey saw fit to re-sign Bailey to a 4 year extension for 25 Million last November it became even more clear just how bad the Chiefs previous DE Tyson Jackson really was. Admittedly Bailey was drafted in the third round of the 2011 draft by the same man who took Tyson Jackson… who like Lord Voldemort shall remain nameless. Bailey has progressed so completely that some have nicknamed him “The Hulk” but more importantly, he draws double teams as much as Dontari Poe along the defensive line. We need more players to develop like Allen Bailey. He certainly has proven, it’s a man’s world.

Grooviest Move Song Dedication: This is a Man’s World (James Brown)

8. The More Power to Ya… Move

Trading Javier Arenas for Anthony Sherman

How many times can you say you traded an obscure player at one position for the best player at another position? John Dorsey can. When John Dorsey traded Javier Arenas on May 1st 2013 for FB Anthony Sherman I thought the team just got weaker. The team was in obvious need of secondary help and Arenas had had a good year in 2012 as a slot defender. Arenas only got in 107 snaps in 2014 and the Cards released him. He was signed in March by Scott Pioli in Atlanta and all the while Anthony has been laying blacktop in front of Jamaal Charles and the league has had to make new maps to show where Sherman has been. JC seems to be enjoying the scenic view too. They could call it I-42.

Grooviest Move Song Dedication: Steamroller Blues (James Taylor)

In PART II tomorrow we’ll take a look at John Dorsey’s top 7 grooviest moves. Until then, let me know if you think I got something right… or wrong. See you tomorrow.