Chiefs double down on offensive line plan

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The Eagles have released Pro Bowl guard, Evan Mathis. The Chiefs need to be in on this. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs’ annual mini-camp was conducted amidst a good deal of fluctuation.  Injuries, returning players and outside tragedy headlined a week that is critical in the development of this Chiefs’ roster.  As mini-camp came to a close, the muddied lineup along the offensive line did not gain any clarity.  Andy Reid and the Chiefs are sticking with the potential starters they have.  For now.

There are several scenarios playing out for this team during the weeks prior to training camp.  Have a look at the story from Laddie Morse on improving the team before training camp. There are a number of things that need doing, but I’ll take a high-altitude look at how this roster will either work itself out or be upgraded.

I’ve said it before, we’ll play the five best and we’ll see how it works out through camp.”  – Andy Reid

The Kansas City roster does need tweaking but the truth is that John Dorsey has his hands full.  He has a few things he has to take care of before addressing another offensive line signing.

Despite all of the congratulatory rumors, Dorsey is waiting on a real update on Eric Berry’s current health and future availability.   A decision on Berry’s compensation is critical so that Dorsey can manipulate the roster.   He must have resources to attempt to sign Justin Houston.   He has only until July 15 to get that accomplished.  At 4 PM on the 15th, any chance of an extension and possible cap relief will disappear.

The uncertainty with Houston has made one potential offensive line signing stagnate.  Reid met with the press following the teams 3-day minicamp and was asked specifically about the possible signing of Evan Mathis.  Reid was direct in saying the team is not pursuing Mathis.

There are ways to make singing a high profile player like Mathis work, so why hasn’t it happened?

The money for one.  Cutting Chase Daniel or converting Alex Smith’s salary to bonus will free up cash.   However, those are two options Dorsey needs to have been reserve when negotiating the Justin Houston extension.  Spending more money at guard is a hole Dorsey doesn’t want to dig.   Given the fact that Mathis is a 34-year-old that played only 60% of his team’s offenses snaps in 2014, he looks like a luxury Dorsey can’t afford.  Yet.

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