Alex Smith loves where Chiefs offense is headed


The Kansas City Chiefs have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball this season. After struggling to find consistency on offense in 2014, general manager John Dorsey decided to give quarterback Alex Smith some help. In that vein, Dorsey signed receiver Jeremy Maclin to a $55 million deal before trading for Pro Bowl left guard Ben Grubbs.

Going into mandatory minicamp, optimism has been high for Chiefs Kingdom. Kansas City has gotten love from many national and local pundits alike, with some expecting the team to win the AFC West and a playoff game or two, something the franchise has not done since 1993. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

On Wednesday afternoon, Smith talked to the local media and touched on some topics, including his thoughts on his rapport with Maclin.

"“I feel really good about where things are right now, where they’re going, how they have progressed. I think with all of the restrictions and stuff that are in place now in the offseason, I don’t see how we could have done anymore. I really feel like we’ve gotten great work as a whole, but he and I especially have gotten a lot of reps together. A lot of good looks, I really feel like we have a good foundation before we put the pads on and head into camp.”"

Smith also discussed the amount of weapons he has at his disposal, ranging from Maclin to De’Anthony Thomas, Travis Kelce and Jamaal Charles.

"“It’s fun, especially this spring, it’s been a ton of fun to move around. It’s like, who is going to have the big day? You don’t know and I think that’s even the fun part for us. You’re going out and you don’t know who it’s going to be because everybody has had their turn. And that’s been a lot of fun for us to kind of go back and cut it loose. There are good matchups all over the place.”"

The veteran signal-caller believes the team is much further ahead in this year’s preseason workouts than it has been the previous two under head coach Andy Reid, now in his third year with the team.

"“I think without a doubt as far as what we’ve got in, the amount of football that we have in this time a year, yeah no question. It’s probably not even comparable to the last couple; the volume of football that we have gotten in, especially offensively. I think a lot different than we’ve had the last couple of years. So we’re able to do more. A greater percentage of our offense is in and yeah, I think we’ve been able to go out and execute it all more than we have in the last two years. We’ve been able to go out, make adjustments on the fly, do different things out there on the field, which I think kind of comes with that with guys knowing the system.”"

Finally, Smith spoke about his third-year tight end, who seems to be bursting at the seams with confidence.

"“I think the thing for me is really it’s been this OTA. He popped his head in today into the QB meeting and we’re talking about looks and he already wants adjustments to get the ball, and you’re doing things at the line of scrimmage, changing plays with him. With how they’re playing him leverage-wise, he wants a different route so he can get the football. Yesterday in practice, I can hear him make calls at the line of scrimmage because he wants the football.“Things like that, it’s encouraging because he’s obviously a tremendous player, but it’s so great to see that confidence there on the field, calling for when he wants the football. As a quarterback, it’s encouraging. You want a bunch of guys out there that are feeling good about their matchup and want the football. So certainly for him it’s understanding that as a young guy, sometimes you’re out there and you just kind of are trying to do your job so to speak. And for him to understand when he’s got the good look and when it’s probably coming to him, to be calling for it, it’s fun.”"