Chiefs are finalists for Evan Mathis, per report


So you are saying there’s a chance? The Kansas City Chiefs are apparently one of four teams still going after free-agent guard Evan Mathis, according to John Clayton of ESPN. Clayton does a weekly mailbag, and actually was answering a question from a Denver Broncos fan when he gave this response:

"The Broncos aren’t among the four main teams looking at Mathis (Indianapolis, Kansas City, Miami and San Francisco). Though he would be big upgrade at guard, I don’t see them having enough money to make the move. They have $6.91 million of cap room left this year and have already committed more than $127 million next year."

Many people probably found this a very interesting answer. According to Over The Cap, Kansas City has the lowest amount of 2015 cap space with a miniscule $978,287. The Broncos have $7.1 million to work with. So how is Denver in tough financial position but the Chiefs aren’t?

Because Mathis will probably get a two-year deal. In most cases, the first year sees a very low cap hit because of a large signing bonus. It’s the second year that takes the large cap hit. Next year, Kansas City has $48.75 million in space despite having 46 players under contract. Denver has $28.43 million available in 2016 but just 40 players signed. Therefore, the money works better for the Chiefs.

Of the four teams that Clayton mentioned, the San Francisco 49ers don’t make sense to me. Unless it’s a straight financial play for Mathis, why go there? If he wants nice weather, he can play for the Miami Dolphins and contend. Miami is the lesser of the other three teams mentioned, but it is good enough to compete for a playoff spot.

Unless weather is a big factor, it would seem the Indianapolis Colts and Chiefs are the front-runners. Normally, it would be easy to say the Colts will sign Mathis. They have the cap space in both years and have a loaded roster headlined by Andrew Luck. Indianapolis is that “it” team right now.

However, Kansas City might have he ultimate trump card in Andy Reid. Mathis flourished under Reid when they were both with the Philadelphia Eagles. Could Reid persuade Mathis to have a reunion and go for a ring together?

Let’s all hope so.