Jeremy Maclin: What are realistic expectations?


This March, the Kansas City Chiefs signed wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to a five-year, $55 million contract. The objective was simple for general manager John Dorsey: find a receiver who can make plays and get open. Dorsey, and legions of pundits, believe Dorsey has found the right man in Maclin.

Last year, Maclin went from being a very solid receiver to a star under Chip Kelly with the Philadelphia Eagles, catching 85 passes for 1,318 yards and 10 touchdowns, all team highs. However, that was the first time that Maclin eclipsed 1,000 yards in his career, and was only the second time Maclin broke the 900-yard plateau.

So what should be expected from Maclin in 2015?

Look, Alex Smith gets a lot of guff around Kansas City for not being Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck. While some of the criticism is fair, few would argue that Smith is not a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez or Nick Foles. Maclin put up massive numbers with those two throwing him the pigskin, so Smith could conceivably make him an even better receiver.

Philadelphia’s offense was similar to Kansas City, in that it has a superstar running back in LeSean McCoy and a coach who wants to pass the ball. However, the Chiefs have other mouths to feed, namely Travis Kelce and De’Anthony Thomas. Maclin will be the first option on a bevy of passing plays, but Smith won’t be hesitant to look away from him if Kelce, Thomas or Jamaal Charles has the better matchup.

It also hurts that Kansas City doesn’t have a real threat on the other side. Albert Wilson is speedy and has plenty of potential, but team’s are not going to roll coverage toward Wilson and leave Maclin on an island. This is where Andy Reid has to become creative and find ways to scheme Maclin open.

Personally, I would be happy if Maclin catches 75 passes for 1,100 yards and six touchdowns. Most would feel that isn’t enough production for a receiver making $11 million per year, but in this offense I would be happy with those numbers.

Our old buddy Patrick Allen believes Maclin needs to hit 70 receptions for 1,100 yards and eight touchdowns. Allen is expecting big things.

What do you say, Addicts?