Kansas City Chiefs schedule prediction: Part 4

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Hey Kansas City Chiefs fans, thanks again for joining me this Saturday to continue my predictions of this upcoming season. I ended last week’s predictions with the Chiefs finishing the third quarter of the season going 2-2 with a 7-5 overall record. If this is the case, Kansas City will be right in the thick of things in the playoff hunt. The other good news is the Chiefs will finish the last four games with three at home.

We’ve endured a long journey these last three weeks but we’ve arrived at the finish as we cover the last month of this coming season. This is not for the faint of heart. This path takes courage and humility as most of the predictions are sure to go wrong and blow up in my face. So I challenge you to arm yourselves before you glance down at these last four games of the season because it’s going to get weird, like Philip Rivers weird…

Chargers: The Chiefs take on the Chargers at home late in the season with playoff hopes on the line, something we’ve seen this before. San Diego is generally a late-season team due to Rivers getting better throughout the campaign, especially in December. I had Kansas City losing the first one in San Diego, but expect this team to be up for the challenge at home with their playoff chances resting in the balance.

Key Players To Watch: Jeremy Maclin- The Chargers are weak at cornerback, and with Eric Weddle roaming down low to stop the run it will be a nice treat for Chiefs fans to see.

Outcome: Win

Last Time They Played @ Home:  Dec 28th, 2014, Kansas City beat the Chargers 19-7 eliminating them from playoff contention which resulted in me tweeting this  minutes after because I’m not mature.

@Ravens: Some look at this game and cringe as Kansas City hasn’t had much success lately against Baltimore, dropping four straight games. The optimist in me says this would be a great game for the Chiefs to gain some momentum on their potential run into the playoffs. If they can win in Baltimore their confidence would be soaring and believe they could win against anyone in the playoffs. This is the kind of lift Kansas City needs to have heading into the playoffs if they make it.

Key Player To Watch: Alex Smith- Winning a playoff-esque game like this would do a lot for Smith’s confidence as well as the rest of the team. Smith needs this win. He hasn’t won an away game against a good team yet in a Chiefs uniform.  I can’t predict a win without any evidence supporting he can do because he hasn’t yet.

Outcome: Loss

Last Time They Played: Oct 9th, 2012, Kansas City hosted the Ravens at home where Matt Cassel was broken into pieces by Haloti Ngata leaving the game early. Eric Winston after the game spoke into the mic like Hulk Hogan calling out an opponent and accused KC fans of “cheering” after Cassel’s injury. This was hilarious and frustrating as he never seemed to play with this much emotion.

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