Kansas City Chiefs film room: Jamaal Charles has incredible vision

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Play 2 – Dancing, darting, first down

This is from the first drive against the New York Jets. It’s 3rd-and-1. New York is stacking the box with nine guys near the line of scrimmage. The Chiefs are also in jumbo personnel, putting Fasano and Travis Kelce on the right side of the line with Sherman ahead of Charles.

The play is a mess from the start. Eric Fisher misses his block and Mike McGlynn gets jacked up. Because of these failures, Sherman can’t get to his guy and Charles is stringing the run out toward the sideline. It appears to be a loss and a subsequent punt. Then, Charles beckons.

I have arrowed five Jets players who are in position to slow Charles down and eventually tackle him. Here’s that amazing vision. Most guys, especially fast ones, would try to play this wide and head for the sideline. Not Charles. He can feel the over-pursuit coming from the right, and makes his move.

Anddddd… there go the Jets. Charles made four of them miss, cutting back and diving forward for a gain of two and a first down. For my money, this was his most impressive run of the season, and it picked up two yards. It also kept the drive alive, a march which resulted in seven points. This was an incredible piece of athleticism.

Play 3 – Time to set the record

If there was any formation Kansas City played out of more than any other, it’s this one. Head coach Andy Reid loves his trips sets, with Kelce in the trail position of the bunch. Alex Smith is in the shotgun and has a few options here. He can hand off to Charles, throw to Kelce on the bubble screen, or look down the field. Here, he gives the ball to Charles. Also, notice how empty the right side of the field is? This is by design.

Charles was forced to string this play out, but he’s moving upfield now. He’s two yards behind the line of scrimmage, and it appears he might have a minimal gain. The San Diego Chargers have him boxed in, almost forming a perfect square. Ah, San Diego. Good luck.

The Chargers are in major trouble. Charles made the decision to go vertical, cutting back up the field against the grain. San Diego is now trying in vain to stop Charles from getting back to the middle of the picture. Most backs go out of bounds or into a collision. Charles feels the defense and heads toward the hashmarks.

Charles laughs at the Chargers, sets the all-time Chiefs rushing record and scores.