Which Kansas City Chiefs should make the NFL’s Top 100 list?


Every year, NFL Network does a show naming the top 100 current players in the league. The process is done by players voting, with no outside media giving input. It’s an interesting show because it gives us an inside view of how the Kansas City Chiefs are perceived.

So far, players 100-91 were revealed, and no Chiefs were on the list. It has not been said how many players from each team made it, so the intrigue remains. Of course, this got me to thinking … how many Kansas City folks will make the grade?

I think three of them are absolute slam-dunks. Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston should both be in the top 20 players, with Houston maybe in the top five. Then there is Jeremy Maclin, who will also crack the list. Maclin should be in the top 50. Houston recorded 22 sacks last year and can play against the run and in coverage. Houston has been on the list before, but this will be his highest ranking barring a massive upset. Charles didn’t have an incredible year by his standards, but he was still a force and is a well-known name.

Personally, I would put Dontari Poe and Sean Smith on here as well. Smith likely won’t make it because Kansas City is a smaller market and Smith isn’t a household name, but what a year the guy had in 2014. Smith consistently shut down opposing team’s best receivers and did not commit one penalty. Poe is a monster, constantly beating double teams and getting into the pocket. I think he sneaks onto the list somewhere, probably in the 70-80 range.

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  • Other than that, I don’t think anybody is deserving. Travis Kelce had a terrific year but he’s still earning his stripes. Dustin Colquitt is amazing but he’s a punter, and special teams has a tough time for something like this.

    What say you, Addicts? Anybody I’m overlooking?