NFL news: Around the league in 32 plays

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Chiefs CEO, Clark Hunt, has not given up on his pursuit of hosting a Super Bowl in Kansas City. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs CEO, Clark Hunt, is actively pursuing a Super Bowl being hosted in Kansas City. Hunt clarified why the Chiefs were willing to host a game in London this year. Kansas City has been looking to host a Super Bowl for a while, but the continued defeat of a rolling roof proposal has often stymied the efforts.

Miami Dolphins: After adding wide receivers Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings, and DeVante Parker this offseason, there seems to be a bit of uneasiness among the returning players at the position. Rishard Matthews has reportedly asked to be traded or released.

  • Chiefs take: Matthews could be a target for the Chiefs if he is released. The young wide receiver has shown some ability on the field, and could be a good option in a depth role.

Minnesota Vikings: It has been reported that Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil underwent two offseason surgeries on his knees. Kalil has struggled with injuries during his career, specifically in his knees, so the report of two separate surgeries is of major concern to the team. In more positive news, it appears that all sides are agreed that Adrian Peterson will be returning to the Vikings this year.

The Patriots could be looking at a stiff penalty after the Wells Report. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots: “Deflategate,” “Spygate,” “Framegate”… to me, the biggest scandal here is that the hundreds of professional writers covering the NFL are incapable of coming up with a more original name for a scandal. As for the practice of deflating footballs…who cares? How is this still a rule anyway? Each team uses its own footballs when on offense. So shouldn’t they be allowed to adjust those footballs to how they want? But, the Patriots are still facing punishment from the league. After “Bountygate” (again with the lack of creativity), and the recent punishments handed down to the Browns for “Textgate” and the Falcons for “Noisegate,” it will be interesting to see just how hard the NFL comes down on the Patriots.

New York Jets: For the past couple of weeks, there have been rumors swelling that the Jets were looking to trade defensive lineman, Muhammad Wilkerson. While the rumors haven’t stopped, the Jets have stated that they have no intentions of moving their talented defensive end.

  • Chiefs take: While it never hurts to dream, the chances of the Chiefs pursuing Mo Wilkerson are probably slim to none. The Chiefs defensive line has been a strength for the club, with a mix of young talent and veteran leadership.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders released veteran wide receiver James Jones this week. Expectations were high for Jones when he was signed, despite the fact that Jones had never been more than a complementary second receiver. His release is part of yet another major reset at an Oakland position group.

Chiefs take

: Jones could be a perfect fit for the Chiefs offense, and at a reasonable contract. Jones came up in Green Bay, so the Dorsey connection is there. But even more important is that he fits the mold of the West Coast offense receiver.

Chip Kelly’s start in Philadelphia is getting more combative by the minute. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly’s tenure in the NFL took another strange turn this week as former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy seemed to insinuate a racist agenda on Kelly’s behalf. While this is more likely than not the grumblings of a player upset that he had to pick up and move, it should be remembered that the departure of star wide receiver DeSean Jackson also took a strangely racial tone.

  • Chiefs take: As far as 2015 goes, this won’t mean much. However, don’t be surprised if more and more of Andy Reid’s former players start hitting the market. And some of them are certainly going to be targets of the Chiefs.

San Diego Chargers: The Chargers are one of the teams most likely to pursue a relocation to Los Angeles. Waning interest in the San Diego market has been a burden for the team for years. However, in light of the relocation rumors, season ticket sales for the Chargers are currently exceeding the 2014 pace. It may be too little, too late to prevent an eventual move, but Charger fans are apparently not giving up without a fight.