Kansas City Chiefs YouTube session, part 3


Well, Kansas City Chiefs YouTube videos are back again, by popular demand, and I aim to please. I’m with you, Addicts; it’s always fun to watch our favorite team doing something amazing, and especially enjoyable during the offseason.

There are many drawbacks of the Internet, but getting to watch old game highlights is not one of them. I’m only 26 years old, but I remember when you saw a great play, or a great game, and then it was gone forever. Now? You go to YouTube and can get lost in the beauty of Chiefs football for hours, days and weeks on end.

Let’s throw some videos in here and enjoy:

Priest Holmes dominating in a record-setting 2003 (WARNING: Adult language)

The Derrick Thomas highlight film, by Red Tribe Cinema

Where is Christian Okoye now?

Jamaal Charles E:60, part 1

Jamaal Charles E:60, part 2

If you can watch that two-part series by ESPN on Jamaal Charles and not get fairly emotional, you are a tougher person than I. It really reinforces that while football is important and we all have strong feelings towards it, the game is exactly that. It is 53 men, dressed in the same uniform, playing a boy’s game against 53 other men.

It is incredible how lost we can all get in sports, and maybe we need that. Perhaps it is a basic human need to be distracted from everyday life, knowing you can be part of something bigger than yourself. I often wonder why I’m in such deep love with a team that plays half a country away, full of men I’ve never met. It’s truly odd when you ponder it, but most of us never stop to cultivate an explanation.

Maybe it’s best that way. Maybe we should never try to explain why we love a team, and just love it because we do.