DeFlateGate: What should NFL do about Tom Brady?


If the Ted Wells report is correct, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is in a lot of trouble. Per the report, Brady was likely aware of the footballs being deflated to illegal levels before the AFC Championship game, a contest the Patriots won 45-7 over the Indianapolis Colts.

The National Football League is in a tough spot with this latest news. Brady is one of the biggest stars in the league and the Patriots are slated to open up the 2015 season at home on national television against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If Brady is suspended for his alleged role in DeFlateGate, the Patriots are going to be starting Jimmy Garappolo. In other words, New England is likely 0-1.

Still, the NFL has to step up and do the right thing. If Brady did indeed cheat, the league can’t allow for this to happen and not drop the hammer. It would be saying that anybody in the future can bend or even break the rules without fear of losing playing time. Teams would be apt to take chances knowing it could lean on a previous decision to do nothing.

The Patriots also have the misfortune of previous infractions. SpyGate takes away any chance of New England having plausible deniability. Commissioner Roger Goodell should nail Brady to the bench for at least the first two games, perhaps even four. The organization, whether it knew about it or not, should pay a massive fine and maybe even lose a draft pick or two. As Goodell told New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton during the BountyGate scandal, ignorance is not an excuse.

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  • If Brady is suspended, this certainly impacts the playoff race. The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to compete for the AFC West, and at the very least a wild-card spot. Should the Chiefs win the West, they could seriously benefit by Brady missing time. Kansas City might be able to snag a BYE if New England gets off to an 0-2 or 1-3 start.

    Where do you stand, Addicts? Should Brady be suspended, and if so how long?