NFL Draft 2015: Combing over the Kansas City Chiefs’ draft, pick by pick

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OL Mitch Morse, 6-foot-5, 305 lbs., Missouri

Mitch Morse hails from St. Michael’s Academy in Austin, Texas and attended the University of Missouri working towards a degree in Hospital Management and making the 2012 and 2013 ALl-SEC Academic Honor Roll.

On NFL Network, Mike Mayock announced Mitch Morse as a center, and a tough guy who could be a starter for the next 10 years. Morse is a high character guy who was a team captain for the Missouri Tigers and played mostly offensive tackle. Morse fills a void behind Eric Kush and gives the Chiefs the depth they’ve needed at the center position. Morse began the 2012 season playing center for Mizzou and ended up at left tackle by the end of the season where he stayed the rest of his time there.

One of the first athletic traits I focus on when evaluating a prospect is his feet. I thought Rodney Hudson’s feet were some of the best feet I’d ever seen in a prospect and Morse’ feet are not far behind. When I say feet, I mean they are fast and move and turn quickly. Morse has this in aces and the fact that he can play all positions along the offensive line gives Andy Reid much greater flexibility when staffing both starters and backups.

Side Notes

The Chicago crowd erupted for Jim Kelly who had overcome cancer in the past year. These moments are rare and I’m glad the game allows time to recognize people like Jim for his accomplishments off the field as well as on.

Also, Ickey Woods energy hasn’t changed after all these years, and his spirited announcement of the Bengals’ pick was greatness.

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