NFL Draft 2015: Kansas City Chiefs select…

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Before I get to the pick, I wanted to give props to I was able to go in and select my team and how many rounds I wanted to draft for. Easy as pie. The best part about doing these is that they are different almost every time. Before tonight I had done a couple of mock drafts in my spare time and was surprised how difficult it was to pick at No. 18.

Being in the middle of the first round means that there are already a lot of good players off the board, so I found myself adjusting my thinking. I did so based on the needs I see for the Chiefs and who was available at my pick. I found that intriguing, how things changed so quickly based on the players available and the need I wanted to draft for. I can only imagine that my moments of hesitation would only be more amplified being in the Chiefs war room, debating whom to select.

So, before I get to the player that literally fell right in my lap, I wanted to make note of the other AFC West selections in the first round.

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