Chiefs fan trolls C-SPAN, hilarity ensues


Every once in a while, something happens that you have to see twice before you believe it. We have such an instance from earlier this week, when a rogue Kansas City Chiefs fan called C-SPAN, and talked about a bevy of team-related topics. Yes, you read the previous sentence correctly.

The show was supposed to be about drone strikes, but this Chiefs fan was having no part of that. With the NFL Draft fast approaching and unresolved contract issues with Justin Houston, this guy got on the phone and made his feelings known. Check out the below clip for yourself:

This is fantastic. It was said in such a serious tone, and without even the slightest hint that the poor host knew what was going on. After talking about second-year guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, the caller went on to mention Sabby Piscatelli as a former United Nations member. Then, toward the end of the call, he drops the mic:

"“In the end I simply think there are other methods that work better in the John Dorsey era such as paying Justin Houston or drafting a wideout.”"

The host did a good job of moving on, while people watching were either left completely confused or laughing hysterically. Most of the time, these things come off as stupid and childish. This fan makes it sounds as though it should be national concern, making it all the more laughable.

With all that said, Dorsey really should be listening to this character and get a deal done with Houston. We are all on pins and needles, waiting for the press release out of One Arrowhead Drive that allows everybody to exhale. Regardless, this week has gotten off to a rollicking start after this C-SPAN stuff. It will only get better from here, with the NFL Draft looming.