Chiefs’ Eric Fisher, Donald Stephenson talk about offseason program


On Tuesday, Kansas City Chiefs offensive linemen Eric Fisher and Donald Stephenson both spoke to the media via conference call. Fisher had a litany of interesting quotes, mostly pertaining to his physical health. Fisher had virtually no offseason last year, rehabbing from a shoulder injury that sapped much of his strength.

In 2015, the 2013 top pick is looking to reshape his body and make strides.

Fisher has also switched up some of his training methods, trying to get better results in his third season.

Former Chiefs defensive lineman Shaun Smith is unimpressed.

Stephenson followed up by touching on a variety of topics including accountability, something he struggled with in 2014. If you recall, Stephenson was suspended the first four games of last year for

Stephenson also talked about the competition he will be facing in training camp, with fellow former starter Jeff Allen battling for his spot.

The right tackle has been working out with a pair of well-known University of Oklahoma products, leading into the last year of his contract.

(H/T to Terez Paylor of KC Star and BJ Kissel of for fine Twitter reporting)