2015 NFL Draft: Predicting the Chiefs and all others

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17. Tennessee Titans (from San Diego): Danny Shelton – DT – Washington

Most draft analysts agree that if the Titans stay at No. 2, they will take Leonard Williams. Instead, they trade back, which nets multiple picks and a top-tier quarterback, and then still get a quality defensive tackle in Danny Shelton. That’s about as win-win as you could hope for if you’re the Titans.

18. Kansas City Chiefs: Malcom Brown – DT – Texas

The early runs on pass-rushers and wide receivers plays out well for the Chiefs. Brown is a top-15 prospect who slides because of those runs. The Chiefs can use Brown as a defensive end in their base defense, a defensive tackle in their four-man fronts, or use him to allow Dontari Poe to catch a breather. Brown is a quality run stopper and pass rusher with a knack for getting into the backfield.

19. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo): Arik Armstead – DL – Oregon

The Browns traded up earlier in the day, but not the trade that people had in mind for them. Getting a wide receiver was a strong move for them, but they have to be realistic about the chances of their offense achieving much of anything with Johnny Manziel at the helm. They have other needs, but continuing to build on a strong defensive unit is probably their best bet at winning football games.

20. Philadelphia Eagles: Kevin Johnson – CB – Wake Forrest

Kevin Johnson of Wake Forest may be the top defensive back in the 2015 NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly denies ever having any interest in Mariota, while the Philly media snickers at his bald-faced lie. The Eagles made a big investment in Byron Maxwell at cornerback…and still need a cornerback. Kevin Johnson has an excellent ceiling as an NFL prospect. However, Kelly is still looking at a nightmare of a quarterback situation.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Jaelen Strong- WR – Arizona State

Marvin Lewis will definitely want to jump all over Byron Jones at this spot, but the pressure in Cincinnati is on Andy Dalton right now. There are a lot of people who want to see him gone, which means the team will eventually have to silence the critics by caving in or shutting them up. Giving Dalton another weapon may help shut them up. And Mike Brown probably doesn’t want to admit he was wrong about Dalton.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers: Byron Jones – CB – Connecticut

This really works out well for the Steelers because they get great value on a quality prospect at a position of need. The Steelers secondary was in bad shape before losing Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor. Jones won’t fix their problems, but he at least provides some help.

23. Detroit Lions: Melvin Gordon – RB – Wisconsin

The Lions know that Matt Stafford chucking the ball up to Calvin Johnson isn’t going to work forever. The defense took a major hit by losing both Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. And while there are some quality defensive players available, none of them are going to make up for that loss. Gordon is easily the best overall player on the board, and he helps add a dimension to the Lions offense.

24. Arizona Cardinals: Marcus Peters – CB – Washington

The Cardinals were hoping to get Gordon here, but getting Marcus Peters is a pretty good consolation prize. The Cards could use help in a couple of other positions, but the value isn’t there for any position except cornerback. Peters will bring some youth back to a defensive group that has been aging without getting replenished over the past several years.