Chiefs GM John Dorsey talks Justin Houston, NFL Draft


On Friday, Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey held a press conference at Arrowhead Stadium and went over a range of topics. Most of them were not all that interesting (read: executive speak) but he did say a few things that caught the eye. Let’s show you, via Terez A. Paylor’s tweets.

This is good news. Houston was given the franchise tag right before the beginning of free agency, but has yet to sign it. Technically, Houston could be snatched away by another team should it make an offer that the Chiefs don’t match In that case, Kansas City would acquire two first-round picks from that team.

If Houston and the Chiefs do not come to a long-term agreement by July 15, Houston is forced to play the season on the tag. Also, Kansas City would not be allowed to negotiate a new deal with Houston until after the campaign was finished. This is obviously a huge topic of conversation after Houston’s record-breaking 22 sacks last year.

Maybe the most intriguing thing Dorsey said in the presser. Kansas City picks at No. 18 currently, but Dorsey only sees a dozen impact players in the 2015 NFL Draft. With 10 picks stockpiled, would Dorsey use some of that ammunition to climb up the order and pick in the top 12 selections?

If the Chiefs really want a specific player, they need to be aggressive. The roster needs some churning, but it is very solid on both sides of the ball. If there is a missing piece that Dorsey believes he can only acquire by moving up for, get it done.

Just a little nugget. Dorsey is being smart and making sure the rest of the NFL knows he is willing to tango if a deal can be struck. In his first two seasons with the Chiefs, Dorsey has yet to make any big moves in the draft, so this might not be insanely likely. Then again, each year is a completely different animal.