Is Marcus Peters worth the trouble?


The Kansas City Chiefs need help in the secondary. Even though the team ranked second in pass defense, the cornerback position is dangerously thin. Enter Marcus Peters, a corner from the University of Washington who has ample on-field talent and plenty of off-field issues.

The Chiefs have Sean Smith and Phillip Gaines as starters, with Jamell Fleming and Marcus Cooper representing the only quality depth. Smith will likely be suspended for two games due to his guilty plea on a DUI charge, making the situation even more dire.

Peters is projected to be a late first-round pick by many, despite his penchant for getting into the doghouse. The 6’0, 197-pound corner has good speed, running a 4.53 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in February. Peters also posted a time of 11.26 seconds in the 60-yard shuttle, the best at his position. Combined between 2013 and 2014, Peters allowed only 38.1 percent of passes to be completed that were attempted at him.

However, Peters is also followed by a bad reputation. The youngster was suspended for one game last season after losing his cool on the sideline after being called for a personal foul. Eventually, Peters was kicked off the team because he simply could not follow direction from coaches.

Over at, we have the following quotes about Peters from an NFC personnel director and defensive backs coach, respectively.

"“I wouldn’t take him inside the first two rounds. He’s good, but he’s not that good that I would be willing to deal with his emotional issues.”“The tape shows his capabilities. He can be really good if you can control him. He’s on our board right now but there were some long talks about him in meetings. I fought for him.”"

On the surface, this kid seems like a sure-fire pick to self-combust. Frankly, that is the way I’m leaning. However, the Chiefs have a head coach in Andy Reid who is not afraid of these types of personalities, trading for Terrell Owens and signing Michael Vick after his stint in prison for dog fighting. Reid believes in second chances, something Peters is in desperate need of.

If Trae Waynes is off the board when Kansas City goes on the clock, does it take a stab at arguably the second-best corner in this draft?