However unlikely, the Chiefs could pursue Marcus Mariota

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There is no doubt that Chip Kelly is in charge in Philadelphia. The doubt is over whether or not that’s a good thing for the Eagles. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles – Pick: #20  

Chip Kelly has a plan in Philly. I just don’t get what that plan is, and neither do some of the Philly sports writers. Does Kelly truly believe that Sam Bradford is the guy to lead the Eagles to a championship? Or was he merely acquired because Kelly thought he might be worth more than Nick Foles in a trade? Either way, I think he’s wrong.

I expect the Eagles will be making offers to move up to the No. 2 spot, but will quickly find out that it’s going to cost much more than they had anticipated.  The entire offseason to this point seems to be pointing towards Kelly going after his former college star. The collection of former Oregon Ducks, moving the holdover starter from the previous regime, and acquiring a former first-round quarterback who may hold some trade value all screams, “We’re making the move.”

While Kelly himself has been trying to downplay the chances, his actions are pointing to something else entirely. Plus, as has been pointed out, a direct trade for Mariota would not be his only option.

Prediction: Chip Kelly is about to get his first major lesson in being an NFL general manager. He is putting himself in a position to go after Mariota, but I don’t think he realizes just how much it’s going to cost. Ultimately, Kelly may be left holding the bag with an unreliable Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez combo as his quarterbacks.

Arizona Cardinals – Pick: #24  

The Cardinals have had one of the most tragic QB situations in recent memory. Notice that I didn’t say “worst.” No, they have actually had some talented individuals taking snaps from under center. The problem is that it never lasts for more than a few weeks. But with recent investments in the offensive line, they should absolutely be in the market for a young quarterback to lead them. But can they compete in that market? And though Bruce Arians claims to not be a fan of the spread system quarterbacks (who is?), many analysts were questioning that as a ploy to hide his interest in Mariota.

Prediction: While the Cards are certainly pressing their luck in trying to get a full season out of the aging Carson Palmer, that is probably a better option than throwing so much into a trade that may or may not get them someone they can build around.

Buffalo Bills – Pick: #50 (first round pick traded to Browns)  

Well, the Bills SHOULD be interested, but are probably pretty much out of the running at this point. Although, you never know if Rex Ryan might be willing to part with another star player. Should he go that route, he does have a good deal of ammo to make a trade…well, at least according to Matt Cassel.

Prediction: The Bills probably make a phone call. The team is stacked with talent and only missing that one key ingredient. However, without even having a first-round pick to offer, a trade is likely too complicated to work out, although there are a number of players that the Titans would likely be interested in acquiring. 

If there was ever much of a chance that the Chiefs were going to make the move to get Marcus Mariota, it becomes extremely doubtful that they make it happen now. On top of the fact that it goes against everything John Dorsey has learned under Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson, there is also the price tag, which is sure to be outrageous with the number of teams in the market. At the end of the day, there aren’t many players worth the risk, even at the quarterback position. But there still remains that outside shot that Andy Reid is convinced that Mariota is his guy. And if that is the case, then maybe he convinces Dorsey to make that move, whatever the cost.