Philip Rivers traded? Yes, please.


The San Diego Chargers have enjoyed Philip Rivers under center for the last decade. Rivers, a former fourth-overall pick of the New York Giants in 2004, has been a borderline Hall of Fame-level player since taking over for Drew Brees in 2006.

Rivers, 33, has thrown for 36,655 yards and 252 touchdowns, but has never reached the Super Bowl. In fact, Rivers has only made it to the AFC Championship game once. Considering age, and he overall state of the Chargers franchise, rumors have been swirling that perhaps Rivers to the Tennessee Titans is a real possibility. In exchange, San Diego would get the second-overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and take Marcus Mariota out of Oregon.

If I am San Diego general manager Tom Telesco, I’m making that move. Rivers is a great player and the team around him is decent, but the Chargers are not winning a Super Bowl this year. Additionally, their core is aging in Antonio Gates, Eric Weddle, Malcom Floyd and Brandon Flowers. If Rivers can net them an opportunity at a franchise quarterback, Telesco would be foolish not to make the move.

Rivers has one year remaining on his contract and has made it clear he does not want to play in Los Angeles, a city the Chargers have been talking about leaving for. The team could slap the franchise tag on Rivers, but the cap hit would be close to $20 million and it would have an unhappy camper on its hands in the most public position sports has to offer.

At the same time, Rivers leaving town would be great news for the Kansas City Chiefs. San Diego is not the quality of Kansas City currently, but it could beat the Chiefs at any time (as proven twice in 2013). The Chiefs would pummel the Chargers (at least on paper) if a rookie quarterback was at the helm, giving Kansas City an improved chance of making the playoffs and perhaps even winning the AFC West.

Long-term, the Chiefs might wish Rivers had stayed for a few more years, got increasingly expensive and then retired, leaving San Diego with a massive void. Still, Kansas City and its fan should be worried about the present, and a current day with Rivers in a Titans jersey would be a welcome sight.

The division is one of the best in the league with three 2013 playoffs teams, and the same trio all finishing with winning records last year. The Denver Broncos appear to be slipping, but until they fall, it would be foolish to assume they are simply going to slide into the abyss.

Ultimately, a deal forcing Rivers out of Kansas City’s hair would be a boon to the 2015 season. The Titans would be better, but stull not a playoff-caliber team. Plus, luckily, the Chiefs don’t play Tennessee this time around.

With less than two weeks to the draft, we should have a resolution sooner rather than later.