The Kansas City Chiefs Have Great Uniforms


Kansas City Chiefs fans should consider themselves lucky when it comes to wardrobe. Many professional teams in the last decade have run through a million different jersey combinations, wearing ugly alternates and ruining traditional looks in the search of modern.

The Chiefs, who moved to Kansas City in 1963 after being the Dallas Texans from 1960-62, have never changed their colors or logo. Technically, the logo was made smaller in the early 1970s and the red pants with red tops became a thing in 2013 and 2014, but the essence of the uniform has never gone away.

Why do I bring this up? Has anybody seen the reported leak of the new Cleveland Browns uniforms? Apparently, there are nine different combinations. A team with such class that dates back to the 1940s in the All-America Football Conference is making a mockery of their jersey with this nonsense (if the leak is true, and since no team officials have come out denying it …)

The Chiefs have put us all through plenty of misery throughout the last 20 years, but at least we get a clean, classic look from our players when they run onto the field. If you look at Len Dawson or Alex Smith, you can immediately tell it’s Kansas City. There is a certain timelessness to the look.

Give teams like the Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys credit. They all could have sold out to make more money on jersey sales and they haven’t. These teams also have not tried to sell hope to their fans by rolling out new jerseys when the problem is on the field and in the luxury boxes.

Unfortunately, Cleveland can’t say the same.