Who Do You Want On The Kansas City Chiefs?


Let’s play a little game. The Kansas City Chiefs have a young, talented roster but can always improve. Unfortunately for you and me, general manager John Dorsey does not care what our opinions are because he’s in his seat for a reason.

So, what if you were Kansas City’s general manager for a day, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell allowed you to pick one player from any team and add him to the Chiefs, salary cap not withstanding. Would you grab a quarterback like most people or go rogue and shock the world with a cornerstone at another spot?

For me, I’m boring. I would grab Aaron Rodgers and run around Arrowhead Stadium screaming with my hands raised over my head, blasting “Looks like we made it” by Barry Manilow and getting fit for my Super Bowl ring. I have a feeling many of you would share this decision, although maybe question who I am because of my choice of Manilow instead of something more edgy.

Who would you go with? J.J. Watt? Tom Brady? Darrelle Revis? Tell us in the comments below!