Kansas City Chiefs Salary Cap Questions: What To Expect From The Chiefs In February

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Dec 7, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid looks on during the first half against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

So what should we be rooting for over the next four weeks? What is most likely to happen between now and March 10?

Expect at least three of Mays/Avery/Jenkins/Daniel to be cut in the next few weeks. One of Mays or Daniel could survive the month because of roster needs, but it makes sense to part with both of them. That salary cap savings is going to be critical for getting  deal done with Hudson and tagging Houston anyway.

Houston is a lock to get the franchise tag. It is clear his agent is holding out for the best deal possible which means this thing probably drags out until July. By no means does Houston want to risk a massive pay day by playing under the tag in 2015, plus his value will never be higher than it is now. A contract will get done, but it won’t be done without the formality of a franchise tag first.

The need is too great for the Chiefs to let Hudson walk. I’d imagine he’s is going to get a player friendly deal that gives the Chiefs a little bit of a break in the first year. If by some miracle Houston signs a new contract before the franchise deadline then Hudson will be tagged if he doesn’t already have a contract signed.

Prepare for the news Tamba Hali has restructured his deal. KC is going to need more than just the Mays/Avery/Jenkins/Daniel cuts to secure Houston and Hudson plus attack free agency and the draft. Saving money on his contract is going to be necessary for the Chiefs to have a productive offseason.

Don’t expect Bowe to be cut. It is certainly a possibility, but one would imagine the Chiefs will hold onto him until they know what they have once May rolls around. June would be the time Bowe receives his pink slip if he ever receives one.

Expect both DeVito and Fasano to be Chiefs in 2015. Fasano’s future is probably the most shaky if Dorsey finds a better fit in the draft or free agency. Keep in mind Fasano doesn’t provide much cap relief if they let him go. May as well have his veteran presence to help with the young tight ends than to be paying him to play for another team.

Good news here is there are plenty of ways for the Chiefs to open up salary cap space for the offseason without having to gut the roster. What February is going to be about is making decisions on Hudson and Houston while also getting a read on what is going to be available in free agency that makes sense for the Chiefs. KC has the benefit of a full slate of draft picks plus a few additional compensation picks. Filling needs with cheap drafted players may make more sense than overpaying for a marginally better free agent.

The opportunity is there for the Chiefs to take a big leap with their roster this offseason. We’ll see if they are able to land on their feet.