Kansas City Chiefs: A Closer Look At 3 1st-Round Targets

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Kansas City Chiefs fans wish that their team was playing in this week’s Super Bowl. Since they are not, Chiefs fans, instead of paying attention to the Super Bowl media coverage (that thus far has consisted of 100-plus hours of deflated-football talk), have already turned their attention to the NFL draft.

Most people agree that KC needs to come away from this offseason with a couple of impact additions to their roster in order to get back to the playoffs. Most people also agree that two of the positions that KC must address are offensive line and wide receiver. While I have repeatedly preached that KC should make fixing their offensive line their top priority, I do believe that a team shouldn’t reach in the first round just to fill a certain position.

With that in mind, I have started surveying the pool of draft prospects and have come up with three players whom I would LOVE to see in Chiefs red and gold next season.

Before I get to the specific prospects, let me give you a little insight into my mindset.

I want the Chiefs to come away from this draft with an impact Day 1 starter at either an offensive line spot or at wide receiver. While I don’t want KC to reach for a player at one of those positions, I do think the needs there dwarf those at other spots, so I would be fine with KC trading away some other picks in order to move up a few slots and snag one of these three guys.

While I understand KC’s thinking in drafting Dee Ford last season, I don’t want another guy that is going to sit and develop his rookie year. KC needs immediate help on the line and at WR, and there is no reason (especially with extra picks this year) that KC can’t get themselves a player who can step in and help from Day 1.

With that in mind, here are my early top targets for the Chiefs.