Chiefs Training Camp To Stay In St. Joseph


Go ahead and make your plans for training camp, because the Chiefs are staying in St. Joseph for at least three more summers.

Missouri State Western Missouri and the Kansas City Chiefs agreed to a new three-year deal that will keep training camp at the university. The deal includes two options years, promisees for addition hall space and security, and a freeze in the cost of food. The Chiefs are also requesting MSWU replace the soil and grass for the practice field.

According to Terez A. Paylor, the MWSU unanimously voted to approve the extension. This had to be great news for the City of St. Joseph, who say last year brought an economic impact of $6.3 million to the community. Between the publicity for the university and the economic impact for St. Joseph, keeping training camp at MWSU is a big deal.

Some discussions were had last summer about the Chiefs holding training camp at the facilities on the Truman Sports complex. The idea was to keep training camp close to Kansas City – as you can see there is financial benefit for such a deal – and keep more of the money within the franchise. The Chiefs chose to keep training camp in St. Joseph instead.

This is great news for St. Joseph and good news for Chiefs fans as MSWU is better suited for fan interaction with players than the Truman Sports Complex.