2015 Chiefs Fan Guide To The Fix PART I

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It came earlier than any of us wanted it to but, the Kansas City Chiefs offseason is here and now it’s time that the “The Fix” was in. Or at least it’s time for the fixing to begin.

We’re all wanting to know what the team will look like heading into training camp at the end of July and whether or not the additions, and subtractions, will have truly fixed the holes in the Chiefs bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza.

The question of the month is then: what needs fixing?

Annual Offseason Inaugural Address

The answer to that question has been somewhat obscured by the Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey. Dorsey appeared to wait all of ten seconds, once the season was over, before bolting for the local media outlets to proclaim what was on his mind: that he is proud of each and every player on the Chiefs squad for working their tails off all season long… including the offensive line.

Kansas City Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey made the following comments about this season’s offensive line,

"“What those guys were asked to do this year, I thought they did an admirable job, “I thought they stepped up for what you had to do and what you asked those guys to step in there and do what they did, I think they did a very nice job.”"

An admirable job?

They stepped up?

They did a very nice job?


Well, you can go to war against the armies of Sauron with nothing but Hobbits and the Seven Dwarfs, and while that makes for great movie magic, it usually doesn’t work against the Steelers, 49ers, Patriots, Chargers or much less the Titans, no matter how much praise you heap upon them for their hard work.

When asked about what happened with his wide receivers in 2014, he responded, “I think that the stats speak for themselves and we’re going to have to do some work there.“ Yes, that’s Dorsey acknowledging that the “zero TDs for the WRs” stats “speaks for themselves.” Bravo… and  Dorsey also admitted that he must do a better job of placing the right pieces around Alex Smith… I’m assuming he means wide receivers, and I’m praying that includes offensive linemen… in order for him (Alex Smith) to be successful in 2015.