A Chiefs Wide Receiver Almost Caught A Touchdown Pass


Oh so close.

If you haven’t heard, the Kansas City Chiefs wide receivers have had a tough time this season catching touchdowns. So tough, in fact, they haven’t caught a single touchdown pass this season.

Today was going to be different. San Diego comes in with a banged up secondary and a history of allowing big plays to wide receivers. All the Chiefs needed was for one receiver to get just enough separation to end this silly streak.

In the second quarter, a Chiefs wide receiver got that space. His name was Dwayne Bowe.

TOUCHD-oh wait.

Is there some sort of invisible force at the goal line that prevents Chiefs wide receivers from crossing? This is getting insane.

Fortunately for the Chiefs, Travis Kelce was there to pick up the fumble and score the touchdown. They lead the Chargers 16-7 at halftime in a game they must have in order to make the playoffs.

Two guaranteed quarters of football left this season. Time is running out for Chiefs wide receivers.