Live Thread: Oakland Raiders At Kansas City Chiefs


If you can’t beat the Oakland Raiders at home then who can you beat?

The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in a position where they must win-out the season if they want a chance to make the playoffs. A 10-6 record should be enough, no matter what happens around the NFL, to make the playoffs for the second straight season. Lose to Oakland and you can pretty much kiss any playoff hopes goodbye.

At some juncture the Chiefs have to return to the efficient team they were before getting beat by the Raiders three weeks ago. Kansas City was one of the better teams in the NFL in sustaining drives on offense and getting off the field on defense with their third down play. During this losing streak the Chiefs have struggled heavily on third down and it has impacted their ability to either put teams away or stay in the game.

Don’t give up hope just yet. Unless we lose today, at which point go ahead and lose your crap.