Why the Chiefs Will (Or Won’t) Make the Playoffs


Surely this is the week that the Chiefs get it together, right? …Right?

On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth preview Chiefs vs. Raiders and discuss why the Chiefs will or will not make the playoffs.

Ryan asks, “In the 31 games as the Kansas City Chiefs’ coach, has Andy Reid properly utilized the talent, however limited, that he has to work with?”

We look back on the Chiefs’ loss to the Raiders and try to figure out what the Chiefs need to fix this time around, and how the team can do it on Sunday. After breaking down the Chiefs game, we begin the playoff discussion. We also try to find where the Chiefs have failed in this three-game losing streak: the front office, the coaching staff, the players, or a little bit of all of it.

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Roughing the Kicker is a twice-a-week podcast on Arrowhead Addict Radio, hosted by Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth. RTK is about the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL through the eyes of Chiefs fans.