If His Name Wasn’t Andy Reid, We’d Want Him Fired


Either the offensive line is so bad that the receivers don’t have time to get separation, the receivers are so bad that  they make the o-line look incompetent, or both units are a mess and this team isn’t very good.

On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth recap the same story as the last three weeks, just with a different team. Also, long-lost Reid brother, Candy Reid, makes his triumphant debut on the show. 

The Arizona Cardinals beat the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Kansas City Chiefs. The referees did not beat anyone.

Same old story, new week. I said that I was afraid that this game would be Cardinals 17, Chiefs 13, Jamaal Charles touches 10.  I was uncomfortably and unfortunately close. We feared that Andy Reid wouldn’t run the ball. He didn’t. We feared that the offensive line would remain a weakness. It did. We feared that the receivers would fail to produce. Right again. This team is everything that we feared it would be and was nothing that we hoped. You can blame Alex Smith or referee if you’d like, but I won’t. Not today. Today the day belongs to the o-line, run defense, pass catchers, and the people who built those units.

The show gets a smile when Andy Reid’s long-lost brother, Candy Reid, joins the show for the first time. Little Reid gives some insight to his brother’s mistakes, and covers which members of the Chiefs are good football players.

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