Eric Berry Officially Diagnosis With Lymphoma


The worst case scenario has become a reality for Eric Berry.

Test results came back positive for lymphoma, a cancer that attacks the immune system. Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the type of lymphoma Berry was diagnosed with, is considered to be highly curable (thank Deity).

Here’s Berry’s statement:

"“My family and I are very grateful for the amount of support we have received over the last couple of weeks. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all the words of encouragement, the blessings and well wishes.“I want to thank the Emory University School of Medicine, along with Dr. Flowers and his team, for all of their hard work and effort in diagnosing and creating a plan for me to battle this thing. I will embrace this process and attack it the same way I do everything else in life. God has more than prepared me for it. For everyone sharing similar struggles, I’m praying for you and keep fighting!”"

Berry is being treated by Dr. Christopher Flowers, who is the director of the Emory Lymphoma Program at Emory’s Kinship Cancer Institute. Dr. Flowers also released a brief statement.

"“This is a diagnosis that is very treatable and potentially curable with standard chemotherapy approaches. The goal of Mr. Berry’s treatment is to cure his lymphoma and we are beginning that treatment now.”"

Chiefs players have designed a t-shirt to help raise money to fight cancer, the same t-shirts Chiefs players and several others around the NFL have been seen wearing. It reads “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Berry.” You can purchase those shirts at the Kansas City Chiefs team store or online at All of the proceeds from the shirts will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer research and treatment. The shirts are selling for $20.

Get well soon, Eric Berry.