Live Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals


December football, catch it.

The Kansas City Chiefs start their stretch run for a playoff spot today in Arizona in a matchup in a game where the Chiefs can start to put their season back together. Arizona is without their starting quarterback and their starting running back this afternoon, and Larry Fitzgerald will play with an injury. A beaten up team that can’t score seems to be exactly what the Chiefs need.

While the last two weeks have been pretty brutal, with losses to Oakland and Denver, the Chiefs still control their destiny when it comes to the playoffs. Win-out and the Chiefs are guaranteed a playoff spot. Win three of the next four and the Chiefs have an outstanding chance of landing a wild card spot. It’s there for the Chiefs to make the playoffs for the second consecutive year for the first time since making the playoffs every year from 1990-1995.

The key for the Chiefs is to get back to basics. Jamaal Charles was kept fresh for most of the season so that he could dominate in December. Well, it’s December now, time to unleashing him. Stabilizing the running game, taking advantage of Anthony Fasano and Travis Kelce over the middle, and getting pressure on the defense has been the winning formula for the Chiefs all season. They should consider going back to it.

Prediction: Chiefs 20, Cardinals 13