Live Stream: Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals


December football is here and the Kansas City Chiefs are relevant. Catch the fever (because Deity knows a Chiefs wide receiver isn’t going to catch a touchdown). Let’s do this live streaming thing.

DATE: Sunday, December 7

WHO: Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals

WHAT: Regular season game thirteen

WHERE: University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

KICKOFF TIME: 3:05 p.m.


RADIO: 101.1 KCFX The Fox or online at KC Chiefs Radio


The Kansas City Chiefs kickoff their December run towards a playoff spot with a duel in Arizona against the limping Cardinals. Arizona will be starting a backup quarterback and a backup running back on Sunday, which in theory should help a Kansas City defense which is trying to regain some of it’s mojo. And Deity knows the Chiefs need some mojo.

The plan would seem simple: Back to basics. The Chiefs are at their best when they control the running game on both sides of the ball and use that advantage to make plays in the passing game. Whether it is using a secondary that is still ranked as one of the best in the NFL or taking advantage of the mismatches Travis Kelce and Jamaal Charles can create, the Chiefs can win this game so long as they do not stray too far away from what they are good at doing.

There are plenty of excuses for why the Chiefs are on a two-game losing streak. A short week and injuries that led to a Thursday night collapse in Oakland plus a flat first half against Denver may be good enough to explain away the back-to-back loses. But the truth is the Chiefs have not played with the energy or to their strengths since beating the Seattle Seahawks nearly three weeks ago.

Should the Chiefs play to those strengths and play with toughness, Kansas City should be able to walk away with a road win and regain their ‘control their own destiny’ status for an AFC wild card spot. While a loss doesn’t kill them, a win would go a long way towards showing their a tough team that’s ready for the December football battle.

Get back to basics and the Chiefs should walk out of Arizona with a win.

Prediction: Chiefs 20, Arizona 13