Travis Kelce Fined By NFL For ‘Gesture’


Travis Kelce has been fined $11,025 by the NFL for his gesture after Von Miller’s late hit on Alex Smith in Sunday night’s game against the Denver Broncos. There’s a ‘wad’ joke in here somewhere but I’m not good at those kinds of jokes. Feel free to assist in the comments.

No word yet on if any of that wad of cash will be shot in Miller’s face. Kelce did responded to the fine via the Twitter machine.  

It should be noted Miller was not fined for his hit on Smith, which shouldn’t be a surprise. We all know that if Justin Houston made that kind of hit on Peyton Manning that Houston would have been fined almost instantaneously. But since Smith isn’t Manning, I guess the NFL doesn’t really care much. So much for player safety, eh?

Good news is most people seem to be on Kelce’s side for how he responded to Miller. Eric Stonestreet, a noted Chiefs fan and actor on Fox’s ‘Modern Family’ tweeted this out after the news broke about Kelce’s fine.

While I’m sure Kelce doesn’t need the financial assistance, it is the thought that counts. I’m with ya, Mr. Stonestreet.