Chiefs Fall To Broncos And Out Of AFC West Race



There’s no other way to describe the Chiefs’ 29-16 loss to the Broncos on Sunday night. Yeah, the scoreboard says the Chiefs lost by by 39 fewer points than the Oakland Raiders did to the St. Louis Rams did earlier in the day, but the score isn’t as indicative of how poorly the Chiefs played.

Kansas City’s offensive line and the turnovers were the two major culprits of tonight’s loss, though the Chiefs did very little well. Alex Smith was sacked six times and spent most of the day running for his life while trying to complete passes to wide receivers who couldn’t get open.

Then there were the three turnovers. One on a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage because Rodney Hudson got destroyed by Kevin Vickerson. Another because Britton Colquitt shanked a punt so bad it hit an unsuspecting Marcus Cooper while he was out trying to make a block. And one more because Donnie Avery couldn’t hold on to the ball (shocker).

Ultimately, the Chiefs lost because the offense couldn’t stay on the field. They were 1-for-9 on third down, couldn’t protect Smith, and couldn’t open holes in the running game. A mixture of poor execution, odd play-calling, and a few bad bounces contributed to this problem, but the main cause for concern remains the offensive line. You can’t do anything on offense, no matter what play you call or who you give the ball to, if the offensive line cannot block for more than 0.5 seconds.

Also, where the hell did Jamaal Charles go? 10 carries, four targets in Kansas City’s 44 plays on offense.

Ugly. Just ugly.

Kansas City now needs to finish at least 3-1 if they want a shot at returning to the playoffs this season. They are at the Arizona Cardinals next week, which happens to be the one game they can afford to lose since it is an NFC game. They’ll finish at home against the Raiders, at the Steelers, and home to the Chargers.

We’re about to figure out what this team is made of mentally.