Video: Joe Montana’s Full Game-Winning Drive vs. The Broncos On Monday Night Football


For Kansas City Chiefs fans, Joe Montana’s name is linked to a number of memories: the team’s last playoff win, the blockbuster trade, that awful video game where completing a slant was an act of God, etc.

But no memory is more vivid than that of his Monday Night Football comeback against John Elway’s Denver Broncos.

Recently, Redditor ChromaticKs uploaded full-length footage of the game-winning drive.

Play-by-play thoughts:

  • Jason Elam’s spirit animal is an oak tree. Ninety percent sure he has B.C and A.D. scrapbooks.
  • Kickoffs to the 13-yard line. Hello, history.
  • Ron Dickerson is as potent a kick returner as post-Thanksgiving Bam Morris.
  • The last time I saw “post-season” hyphenated, I’m pretty sure it involved the blowing of dust.
  • Just noticed the Aaron Hernandez ticker—not touching that one.
  • It wouldn’t be a ’90s Chiefs offense without shifting.
  • If a bear reared up at Steve Atwater, he would tackle it.
  • With one minute and change remaining, the Chiefs hand it off on 2nd-and-4. Twitter is not going to like this.
  • Steve Bono should’ve thrown up the Vulcan salute after touchdown passes. That man’s father is Spock.
  • Paul Hackett is Karl Rove’s stunt double.
  • That play was a dumpster fire, but Kimble Anders was one of the most underrated players in Chiefs history. Easily.
  • If Anders hadn’t dropped that pass, the impending comeback doesn’t see the light of day.
  • Somebody get Derrick Walker an inhaler.
  • “Tracy Greene! Holy [bleep], I remember him!” – local liar, 2014
  • Willie Davis’ catch gets better with age.
  • “Lord, you can take me now, I’ve seen it all” is one of more memorable lines in NFL history.
  • When Mufasa died:
  • Ending this with Lin Elliot should be a hate crime.