Podcast: Raiders Review and a Chiefs Song


Today on Roughing the Kicker, the show starts off with a song. To the tune of that horrible Christmas song, The 12 Stats of Thursday makes its debut. Then Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth do a 20-minute breakdown of the Chiefs disastrous loss to the Oakland Raiders. 

After the game ended, I watched two hours of Food Network.

In the first post-Chiefs-loss episode of RTK on Arrowhead Addict, Ryan Landreth and I sing a song, then trudge through the narrative of Chiefs-Raiders as we discuss every sickening angle we can imagine, dissect every problem the Chiefs must resolve, and generally lament about the inevitable disappointments that the Chiefs have delivered to fans every year within our lifetimes.

We finished recording about two minutes before AJ Jenkins was placed on IR, but we didn’t it was worth re-recording the whole show for.

And now, here are the full lyrics for “The Twelve Stats of Thursday.”

In the twelfth week this season, the Chiefs gave to me:

Twelve failed third downs
Eleven Oakland losses (nope)
Ten points in three quarters
Probably a 9 and 7 season
Eight Oakland rushing first downs
Seven killer penalties
Six yards per pass
Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiive Kelceeeeeeeeeeee targets
Four second-half carries
Three Dwayne Bowe catches
Two red zone field goals
And a fade pass to Jamaal Charles.

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