Oakland Raiders Defeat Kansas City Chiefs In Sloppy Thriller


[Insert several curse words here.]

A disaster of a first half proved to be the difference in the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20 loss to the Oakland Raiders. A combination of terrible weather, even worse play calling, and an inability to stop the run forced the Chiefs into a 17-3 hole early in the second half.

At some point reason took over and the Chiefs started mixing up the play calling better. Some passes to Travis Kelce and Dwayne Bowe helped set up both of the Chiefs touchdowns, a 19-yard reception for Anthony Fasano and a 30-yard catch and run for Jamaal Charles.

Then Marcel Reece happened. Reece rushed eight times for 37 yards during a 17-play, 7:21 drive that ended with a James Jones touchdown reception. Oakland was aided by a somewhat questionable pass interference call on Ron Parker, a play that looked like there was a bunch of contact by both players. It went against the Chiefs, the drive continued, and eventually the Raiders took the lead.

The inability for the Chiefs offensive line to protect Alex Smith doomed the Chiefs chances in the end. KC, who were down to Frankie Hammond, Albert Wilson, and Dwayne Bowe at wide receiver, couldn’t get open before Oakland’s pass rush got to Smith. Travis Kelce had a drop, and Bowe couldn’t adjust to a duressed pass from Smith.

It all ends with Oakland getting their first win of the season.

Kansas City now needs to hope the Miami Dolphins manage to upset the Denver Broncos if the Chiefs are going to have any shot at winning the division. KC now has two losses in the division to Denver’s zero, so a tie isn’t going to get it done for the Chiefs. They need to pass them in the standings. KC can still do that but it isn’t going to be easy.

For now, I’m going to go drink all of the whiskey.