Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Destroys Earl Thomas: Jim Ross Edition


The Kansas City Chiefs scored a huge victory today over the Seattle Seahawks.

The Chiefs beat the defending Super Bowl Champions in what was truly a team effort. Despite having difficulty stopping the Seattle run game and despite losing the turnover battle, as they have all season, the Chiefs found a way to win the game.

Perhaps one of the more overlooked moments in this heavyweight fight was when Chiefs TE Travis Kelce absolutely decleated Seattle safety Earl Thomas, springing RB Jamaal Charles for roughly an extra 18 yards.

As is the custom these days on the internet, the play was given the “Jim Ross treatment.” For the uninitiated, Jim Ross is a famous WWE (wrestling) announcer who is famous for his hilarious and often dramatic/over the top calls of wrestling action. Ross was often fond of claiming that wrestlers had been killed by their opponents.

One of Ross’s most famous calls came when a wrestler by the name of “Mankind” was thrown off the top of a caged structure over the ring at a PPV called “Hell in a Cell.” Mankind was thrown off of the cell and through a table, leading Ross to exclaim “My God, they’ve killed him! As God as my witness, he’s broken in half.”

And so now we get to see Ross call Kelce’s epic block on Earl Thomas. I have to say, I’ve seen this a dozens of times over dozens of different sports highlights and it just never gets old.