If Arrowhead Stadium Were On A Comet


Ever wondered what Arrowhead Stadium would look like if it was on a comet? The Internet has a solution for that question.

On Tuesday the European Space Agency successfully landed a spacecraft on a comet, a huge advancement in space exploration and for science in general. The craft, named ‘Philae’, will be sending back data on what the comet is made up of as well as other things I do not understand. Good times for human achievement.

Trying to help explain the size of the comet can be difficult considering few of us have had many personal experiences with measuring comets. To help with that disconnect, Bloomberg decided to help put the comet in scale by placing the Temple of Football on the comet, Arrowhead Stadium.

"To give a sense of scale, we’ve taken the liberty of putting a professional football stadium on the comet’s surface. The larger lobe of the comet, seen below, is about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) across. The 220-pound Philae lander is roughly the size of a quarterback playing inside Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, rendered here to scale using image dimensions provided by the European Space Agency."

That’s a rather large comet, no?

I find it wonderful we were able to build something that could travel millions of miles into space and catch up with a comet. And I find it more wonderful Bloomberg used Arrowhead Stadium to help us all understand the comet even better.

Yay, science. Yay, Kansas City. Yay, Arrowhead.