Watch Chiefs Hall Of Famer Derrick Thomas Sack Jim Kelly 4 Times On MNF [Video]


“Quick” was an insult to Derrick Thomas.

Time and again, he bolted out of his three-point stance like a greyhound out of the gate, etching his own definition of “fast-forward.”

With the Kansas City Chiefs prepping for the Buffalo Bills this weekend, Redditor ChromaticKs shared video of Thomas corralling Jim Kelly four times on Monday Night Football (1991).

If you’re too young to remember No. 58, the third sack (1:12 mark) showcases the legend’s signature first step.

Two takeaways: One, Thomas makes Road Runner look like Steve Bono (who unofficially logged the longest touchdown in the history of man). Two, AstroTurf was as attractive as Ricky Williams in a wedding dress. (That’s probably a stretch.)

By the final whistle, Kansas City had trounced Buffalo 33-6.

While neither quarterback eclipsed 200 passing yards, the Chiefs toted a pair of 100-yard rushers.

The “Nigerian Nightmare,” Christian Okoye, posted 122 yards and two touchdowns on 29 carries. Meanwhile, Harvey Williams complemented the backfield bulldozer with 103 yards of his own.

While Pro Football Focus (subscription required) ranks the current Bills No. 5 in run defense, the Chiefs backfield houses a two-headed monster who looks as hungry as ever.